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Tweme Ultra lightweight Bootstrap theme for Drupal






CDN based

Tweme (= Twitter Bootstrap theme) is a super lightweight integration of Twitter Bootstrap in the Drupal CMS with several UX enhancements. It delivers all the power of the amazing web framework directly to your Drupal site and ready to use right out of the box.

Download Demo Source

Version: 7.x-1.2-alpha1


  1. Install as usual.
  2. Optionally go to "Appearance" > "Tweme" > "Settings" and configure from where to load jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap libraries.



No dependencies
Tweme can load jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap libraries right from the content delivery networks (CDN), so it does not need any dependencies by default.
Automatic slideshow
Building the slideshow with Drupal has never been easier. Just create some blocks, place them inside the "Featured" region and you're done!
Automatic ScrollSpy navigation
All instances in the Content region like <h2 id="anchor">Heading</h2> (or ## Heading {#anchor} for the Markdown) are automatically placed in the ScrollSpy navigation block. You need to install TwemeX to get this feature.
Full-featured navbar
Top navigation bar integrates logo, main menu (with dropdowns) and elastic search box. You can also use meta syntax in the titles of menu items: # Menu header is converted to the menu subheader, --- is converted to the horizontal divider.
Affixed sidebars
There are two special regions ("Sidebar first affixed" and "Sidebar second affixed") which stay affixed when you are scrolling the page. They could be useful for the tables of contents, banners or social plugins.
Hidden regions
There are two special regions ("Body top" and "Body bottom") which are hidden for the end users, but visible for the browsers and search engines. They could be useful for the traffic counters, trackers or custom CSS/JS snippets.
Page subtitiles
You can use the sign ~ everywhere in page titles to provide a subtitle for the page. For example node with a title "Fielder ~ Field embedding input filter for Drupal" will be displayed with a title "Fielder" and a subtitle "Field embedding input filter for Drupal".
Twitter Bootstrap features
Tweme delivers all the amazing features of Twitter Bootstrap framework including HTML5 markup, responsive layout and so on.
Features, features, features...
It's really hard to describe all improvements made in Tweme — it's much easier to try Tweme in action ;-)

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