Подключение Яндекс.Почты для домена

Для подключения Яндекс.Почты для домена example.com необходимо настроить следующие DNS-записи:

Имя Тип Данные Предназначение
example.com MX 10 mx.yandex.ru. Основная DNS запись, необходимая для подключения Яндекс.Почты
example.com TXT v=spf1 redirect=_spf.yandex.ru SPF-запись для снижения вероятности попадания исходящих писем в спам
mail CNAME domain.mail.yandex.net. Делает доступным веб-интерфейс Яндекс.Почты по адресу mail.example.com


Wagrant allows you to easily create web development environments such as LAMP (but it's not limited to).

It uses the power of Vagrant, VirtualBox and Ansible bringing together and ready to use right out of the box.

Download Source

Version: v1.0.0

MIT license template for JS / CSS

Here is the MIT license template which is limited by 80 characters per line and formatted for JS / CSS.

For minified files:

 * <project> <version>
 * <project website>
 * Copyright (c) <year> <author>
 * <author website>
 * Licensed under http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

Bootstrap Extra

Bootstrap Extra is a Twitter Bootstrap extension implementing some extra features which are not available with the plain framework.

Download Source

Version: v1.1.0

Running Apache on OS X Mavericks

It's quite easy — just with two commands in Terminal:

ln -s /Library/WebServer/Documents ~/Sites
sudo apachectl start # enter your user password if prompted

That's it!

Now open your favourite browser, enter "localhost" and press enter. It works, doesn't it?

Moreover you can manage all web server files using Sites folder under your home folder.

Drupal Interview Questions

  1. What modules do you always use? Why?
  2. How does caching work in Drupal? How to speed up Drupal's caching?
  3. What does Views do and how do you use it?
  4. How do you handle upgrades?
  5. How do you handle migrations?
  6. Show me some Drupal sites that you've built. Is your personal site on Drupal?
  7. What other CMS have your tried?
  8. What makes search in Drupal as an excellent feature than other CMS?
  9. Most popular hook in Drupal?
  10. 5 most popular projects in Drupal?
  11. Date of initial release?

Как повысить CTR объявления в Яндекс.Директ?

Что учитывать:

  1. CTR
  2. Стоимость клика
  3. Стоимость цели

Как привлечь внимание:

  1. Подсветка
  2. Зацепка

Portfolio management

The standard provides a foundational reference for anyone interested in portfolio management of projects and programs. While project and program management have traditionally focused on ‘‘doing work right,’’ portfolio management is concerned with ‘‘doing the right work.’’

Program management

Introduced to provide program managers with a resource to help them achieve organizational goals, The Standard for Program Management aims to provide a detailed understanding of program management and promote efficient and effective communi- cation and coordination among various groups. With its ability to help assess the variety of factors linking projects under one program and provide the best allotment of resources between those projects, this standard is an invaluable tool for program and project managers alike.

How to recursively delete all hidden files in a directory

This method works on UNIX systems and allows you to recursively delete all hidden files and folders in a directory.